Los Angeles Investiture for Emerald Kingdom

Empress Maria Roman, well known transgender activist and our red carpet star at the very first Czarina’s Diversity Ball, and David Quinte were crowned regent Emperor and Empress of the Imperial Court of Los Angeles May 1, 2016.

With this kind of talent and experience the LA Court should see the beginnings of “the good old days” when it was the Court Jewel of the Southland, as reigning Czarina of All California, Liz Loren, with her usual Royal Panache and under the charter for Riverside County, invested three new Monarchs into The Emerald Kingdom, the Palm Spring’s based non-profit organization focusing on LBGT Youth and their dreams and aspirations.IMG_3080

A new Arch Duchess was invested to Pinkie Meringue Shimmer, a fundraiser and popular cabaret star in Palm Springs, and her husband Kevin became IMG_3082Duke.

The enigmatic former Emperor of New York, Wendy Pinkhouse was made a Count to assist the Palm Spring’s organization to raise diversity awareness and funds!IMG_3099

Empress LaLa of San Diego, fabulous as always, was MC of the investiture and outstanding commands were performed by dear friends Empress Ashly Pendington, who did a hilarious version of Lucille Ball’s “Vita Veggie Vitamin” skit, and Empress Lonnie performed her classic come back song “Where the Boys Are” a great favorite!

We welcome our new Monarchs and look forward to grand times and noble deeds

Imperial Court de San Diego Coronation

Emerald Kingdom advisor Empress XII Lonnie of Los Angeles attends the Imperial Court de San Diego Coronation escorted by Imperial Crown Prince Stefan Hemming.

The adventure began on Saturday February 6th, 2016 as Empress XII Lonnie picked up Emperor Wendy Pinkhouse of New York and Stefan Hemming, ICP to the Emerald Kingdom, to start on their road trip.

Winding through the vineyards of Temecula, they stopped for a magnificent breakfast at Marie Calendar’s and continued their travels arriving in San Diego at the Marriott Mission Valley in time to meet and greet with many friends from all over the country, including Hawaii, New York, Washington DC, and of course courts from Canada and Mexico.

Lonnie took Stefan to hospitality for cocktails and food, then toured the three rooms with jewels and crowns being sold by vendors and Imperial Jeweler’s. Then it was time to prepare for the Coronation Ball as Emperor Mikie Too and Empress Toni Saunders prepared to stop down in all of the splendor of a San Diego Coronation. Lonnie represented Los Angeles and Emerald Kingdom and was escorted by ICP Stefan Hemming down the runway in an elegant entrance representing royalty of England or Sweden as Stephan would say.

Czarina Liz Loren was in constant communication with her representatives making sure accommodations were adequate and proper tickets were in place, and sending messages of love and her greetings to her many friends on the circuit.

After the ball, Wendy, Stefan and Lonnie hit the local In & Out Burger for a midnight meal, then off to bed. Sunday morning it was time for the Brunch and meet and greet of the new monarchs Emperor James von Rothschild and Empress Jaeda Reign. The three friends then loaded back into the chariot and headed north, stopping in Temecula to inspect some antique store and to enjoy some of the most wonderful ice cream they ever tasted.

Finally, it was back to Palm Springs for cocktails at Stefans before parting ways.

It was so great to see all of our friends from near and far. A big thank you to Czar Drue and Czarina Liz Loren for their support of this adventure.

Empress XII Lonnie – ICLAH
Advisor to the Emerald Kingdom of Palm Springs and Riverside County

Hara’s Annual Christmas Fundraiser 2015

DSC_4860The Gay AB FAB Liz and Lonnie once again celebrate Christmas at Hara’s Annual Christmas Fundraiser by raising funds for the less fortunate! The Dynasty Divas made the crowd laugh and feel good as Liz sent out Christmas love messages to Princess Janne of Finland, Princess Gypsy in Ohio and Beautiful New Girl-in-town Imogene in Australia!

Golden Jubilee Imperial Court Dinner



The 2015 Golden Jubilee Imperial Court Dinner held at the classic and classy Hotel Sentinel in Portland, Oregon was elegant beyond even Washington DC standards! All Ladies, Gentlemen, Courtiers and Monarchs out did themselves in fabulous ” Worth-Style” gowns and Crown Jewels that rivaled any thing I have seen in the great palaces of Europe!

Dustin Lance Black, screen writer of the movie Milk, who now lives in London agreed! Currently writing a made for TV series about LBGT history, Dustin is featuring Empress One of San Francisco Jose Sarria, as the first true pioneer of diversity and LBGT rights, which paved the way for others such as Harvey Milk, Matthew Shepard and Stuart Milk.

It was Empress One Jose, the Widow Norton we were all gathered together in our finery to honor.

The roster was packed with every living Gay Icon and advocate we have including Dennis and Judy Shepard, The Reverend Troy Perry, The Hon. Toni G. Atkins CA Speaker of the Assembly, Dustin Lance Black, Cleve Jones, Founded of the NAMES Project AIDS quilt ( both compelling speakers) Council-member of San Diego Hon. Ted Gloria, Michael Connolly the 21 year old member of the Legislative-assembly, Alberta Canada and the always eloquent and dynamic ( and dear friend and co-Global Ambassador) Stuart Milk.

The grand Ballroom of the Sentinel was as opulent as Versailles, the richly elegant pre-dinner VIP reception Hall was flowing with champagne and tasty snacks, the staff of both venues flawless in service. I have seldom seen a ICS event flow so smoothly, thanks to the efforts of the intrepid Queen Mum Heir Dragon Empress Coco LaChine and her team ( how could we forget her pageant like entrance when announced at the dinner?)

But the true star of the evening was Nicole The Great, our Queen Mother!

Looking wonderful with splendid robes and cleavage dripping with jewels, Nicole was the epitome of a true Monarch in every since of the word– and I have met a few in my world travels over the decades.

Gracious and erudite she described our long and arduous journey in history and what the ICS really stands for. Omitting no one, she honored us all in so many moving ways behind the disbursements of broaches and medals (and those that were given out this year, including the Rose Court Rose broach were of unusual high quality).

Being in the same age group as Nicole I know well the rigors of having to stand or even sit for hours on a Diaz, in front of hundreds of people, always smiling and being strong while inside wanting nothing more than a cozy bed with a fireplace ( the hotel had one in each room) and a nice hot meal! Her Majesty had to sit on a throne and keep the ball rolling while we all ate the beautifully prepared 4 course dinner.


My husband Drue and I deeply appreciate and thank the Queen Mum for the additional titles as Czar and Czarina of The Golden State of California (despite the fact the plaque, with its typo said “of All the Americas”)

We were Crown Sponsors and we’re proud to donate to this memorable of all nights!

Jose would have loved the pomp, circumstance, opulence and pageantry so tastefully done!

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My First Coronation

My first coronation as Gay Royalty

On October 3rd I experienced my first Coronation with The Cincinnati Imperial Court (ISQCCBE).

Imperial Sovereign Queen City Of The Buckeye Empire. This was held at the Westin Hotel where I was presented as Princess Gypsy Monroe Romanov of Emerald Kingom, Los Angeles Imperial Court / Palm Springs. My title was invested upon me by The Czarina Elizabeth ( Liz) Loren Maria Romanov as a nobless oblige title to represent Emerald Kingdom at The Coronation.
Here I witnessed the step down of Empress Petty Cash after her 8 years as a tireless Coutier representing various charities in Cincinnati during Coronation 24.

This being my very first Coronation I was unsure what to expect despite coaching from Czarina Liz Loren. Nerves had taken over as I smoked cigarette after cigarette at one point, but the surge of excitement helped aid me through!

Everything was so new and exciting to me! But nothing compared to the day of Coronation. At 6 o’clock Queens from different corners and cultures around the USA gathered at the Ball.
As I left my room , black fur in hand, I headed towards the elevators, trying to keep in mind to “walk elegantly” in my flattering designed gown, making sure the train did not tangle in my feet!

When the doors opened and I entered the event, I was overwhelmed — but somehow felt at home,

“like for the first time in my tributes life as a youth I belonged!”

It was an odd yet beautiful contradicting and emotional moment. As I looked around the room at the elegance and poise every Queen seemed to uphold it seemed truly perfect.

Empress Petty Cash introduced herself and made me feel very welcome. She was so gracious and caring that it helped shatter the illusion of any falsehood and allowed me to see the situation for what it really was and why we were gathered here in the first place!

Being part of the ISQCCBE that evening I found myself around like-minded people, artists with a passion to help others and raise money for great charities that have made a huge impact on LGBT communities, myself being a member of one of them. As the evening progressed we had an extravagant dinner, live entertainment and dynamic speakers!

Everything was spot on and very organized, every second I enjoyed it all and absorbed everything I could to be part of something so amazing and beautiful!

This is one memory for the books I thought to myself later after returning to my 12th floor room. The best part is that this is just the beginning! I plan to work hard helping Emerald Kingdom and the Buckeye Court spread the love and hand up–not just hand out,that the LGBT youth need! We want to see kids and young adults rise and shine like Liz Loren and her husband Drue did for me!

Her mentorship and support of me during a very difficult time of my life when all I could see is ” down” and nowhere to turn,meant everything . There truly are some good people out there that have no agenda’s but to share their good fortune and life experiences with others who may have talents and dreams but who feel no spotlight will ever shine on them because they are different!

Emerald Kingdom is that spotlight and I am honored to be part of it!

Lots of love and light!
Princess Gypsy Monroe Romanov AKA Gage Mathews

Romanov Drag Wedding Video

Our special thanks to new Emerald Kingdom contributor Kyle Blitch, owner of Custom Grooves, for shooting and editing this historic moment for our Kingdom and diversity. Liz’s Wedding Blog “Drag Wedding”