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These businesses invest themselves financially annually and are proud to be associated with our organization and supporting LGBT youth charities, global awareness, and a future of diversity.

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(Proceeds from The Maybelline Prince donate to the Harvey Milk Foundation)


These professionals and businesses contribute their time, talents, and materials to Emerald Kingdom for events.

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“Diverse people make the diversity difference.”

Individuals and businesses who are proudly our supporters. These people encourage us and make our Kingdom dream come reality, we would be incomplete without them and are glad we can acknowledge and share them with you.

Queen Mother Nicole The Great | Bell da Ball | Empress Coco LaChine | Las Chimichingas | Dr. Bobby Pourziaee | Mr. Yale Scott | Randy Larsen | Dale Diskant | Jimmy James | Stuart Milk | Kaarina Kivilahti | Dolly Levi | Marci Weiner | Alejandra Bogue | Gary Cosgrone | Empress Karina | Dr. Lew Weintraub | Gloria Weintraub | Tony Monteleone | Empress Witti Repartee | Empress Farrah | Swason Sorell | Empress Hara | Shenna Metal

Humane Society of the Desert | ICBR International Clinic of Biological Regeneration | Alan’s Award Winning Media | Maria Shriver Best Buddies

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