Czar Drue

Czar Drue King

Global Advocate for LGBTQ youth & human rights with the Harvey Milk Foundation and founder of our Emerald Kingdom organization. U.S. Social Media Executive Director for no2LGBTHate.

Titled by the honorable International Imperial Court and Imperial Court of Los Angeles/Hollywood

His Imperial Majesty, Czar Drue, Czar of all California

Czar Drue King operates from his studio at Aerie Hall in California, utilizing his talents as a digital artist, professional photographer and IT professional. Czar Drue provides creative resources, marketing, and leadership to professional, international renowned businesses and charities. Most recognized by his achievements as a global activist for LGBT charities, he dedicates his time fundraising for organizations and supporting individuals on social media-promoting awareness, equality, and inclusion.

Recognition & Appearances:

House of Commons – England UK for School’s OUT LGBT History Month 2017 – July 2016

Awarded “Order of the Golden Eagle” by Queen Mother I of the Americas, Empress Nicole Murray Ramirez

Royal Midsummer Night’s Madness – Palm Springs  – July 2016

Imperial Court System Golden Jubilee – Oct 2015

The International Imperial Court System celebrated 50 years of noble deeds at the Golden Jubilee Gala in Portland, Oregon. The event honored our Founder Jose Julio Sarria, our Founding and Mother Court San Francisco and the 68 chapters of the Imperial Court System

ALL Cross Atlantic Global Summit in Madrid – Oct 2012

Harvey Milk Los Angeles Banner – May 2012

Czarina’s Diversity Ball Awards – Dec 2011

Official Emerald Kingdom ICS Crowning  – March 2010


  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Bethany Group, LLC
  • Director of Information Technologies for AIMCO Los Angeles Division, a United States multi-residential and HUD housing leader.
  • Information Technologies Support & Trainer for Western National Group and Western National Properties


Linda RileyDiva Magazine


DMK Limited

Danné Montague-King International – DMK


Harvey Milk Foundation

Deep Freeze

Maybelline Prince

Emerald Kingdom

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Judge for Queen USA Pageant Los Angeles

Czar Drue and Czarina Liz Loren Wedding with Stuart Milk




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