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Sponsors Pledge to Czarina

Is the skin care tycoon stealing from Liz’s purse? No, the Czarina had tip money out for performers in the show, and Danné Montague-King was trying to help get it BACK in her bag–Liz Loren has been known to be a little absent minded when it comes to cash on the table! She seems to trust nearly everyone!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt a swanky dinner at the posh Sterling Club at The Turnberry in Las Vegas, Eddie Dyer and Alec Wilder and skin pioneer Danné Montague-King pledge the support of their companies to Czarina Liz Loren and Czar Drue Constantine.


Both DMK and DMK Cosmetics are major sponsors for the Harvey Milk Foundation Czarina’s Ball on August 7th at the glamorous Riviera Resort and Spa in Palm Springs.

Empress Lonnie Welcome


Welcome to the Web Site for a wonderful new Charity Organization for Imperial County.

My name is Lonnie and I was privileged to be the Empress of Los Angeles 30 years ago. I moved out to the desert 20 years ago and have made it my home. Although I am still involved with the Imperial Court of Los Angeles/Hollywood, I have been asked to be an advisor to Czar Drue and Czarina Liz.

We have been working on big things getting ready for the Czarina’s Ball in August of this year. This will be an introduction to you and the Imperial County of California to their Most Imperial Majesties.

We are hoping to build a strong, charity oriented, non-profit organization in this area. We will need the help of the community, businesses, and Believers. We have already involved many well know people here in the area. So please check out the site and help us by participating as a Believer or Member.


Empress XII Lonnie

Vice President of the Board of Directors
Imperial Court of Los Angeles/Hollywood
“The Mother Court of Southern California”
Empress VII of Neptuna
Sister for Life to Empress Nicole
Recipient of the Queen Mothers Double Eagle Award
Advisor to the Czar and Czarina of Imperial County