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Harvey Milk Ambassador Award

IMG_8085At the very elegant 70th Birthday Ball of Dr. Danné Montague-King, Stuart Milk presented the Czarina with the first Annual Harvey Milk Ambassador Award and was able to catch the Czarina off guard. She actually had no idea this was coming.

Czarina Liz Loren has travelled out of country with Stuart Milk representing the Harvey Milk Foundation when she spoke in Milan last year. Stuart spoke of her kindness, generosity and dedication to the Harvey Milk Foundation and described her as an elegant gifted human being who gives back to the LGBT Community in so many ways. The room was filled with poor, rich, famous, not so famous, all friends of Danne along with DMK distributors from all over the world.

Such a wonderful turn out for the man (woman) who has helped so many others have a dream and know that anyone can be special. Emerald Kingdom has many youth oriented programs for disadvantaged youth, as well as the work DMK does to help others to look better with their specialized line of skin revision treatments and products.

Congratulations Liz, a job well done!

First Youth Invested to Emerald Kingdom

Princess Audrey Maria Romanov was invested as the first official youth representative to the Emerald Kingdom of Palm Springs and Riverside County last night at the Los Angeles/Hollywood Investiture.

Princess Audrey made her first official walk at the Los Angeles Coronation in November 2012 and will be in attendance at the San Diego Coronation this coming weekend with her Mentor Czarina Liz Loren and Empress XII Lonnie of Los Angeles. She is fast becoming a performer in her own right and was asked to MC and entertain at the Orange County Christmas Function with Empress Hara.

We wish her much success as she grows and learns the proper Princess role in this organization. Please support her and welcome her into your arms opening.

Czarina’s Charity Work Goes Abroad

After a wonderful weekend in Washington DC for their first Coronation Ball, Czarina Liz Loren was off to Spain. On October 4, 2012 she will be a keynote speaker at an International Conference for the Harvey Milk Foundation. With her alley and good friend Stuart Milk, she will discuss current events and charity efforts on behalf of the Foundation, including HIV issues and ongoing education of our youth.

Liz Host Queen Mother Retreat

Czarina Liz Loren and Czar Drue hosted Nicole the Great, Nicole Murray Ramirez, and other ICS V.I.P.’s to a weekend of grace and quiet, and “yes” fun, at their beautiful hilltop estate, Aerie Hall.

A formal dinner is planned for Friday night to talk about future plans for the Czarina’s baronies, and the Imperial Court of Los Angeles, principally the Youth Court that fits in so well with Liz’s main charity.

The Harvey Milk Youth Diversity Organization, funded by Emerald Kingdom of Palm Springs and Riverside County, a 501(c)(3) non-profit started by Liz Loren and a Board of Directors two years ago.

On Saturday a Latino BBQ is planned by the spacious Tuscany Pool at Aerie Hall. Contenders for the Youth Court will be present to participate in the fun and a Mexican Buffet will be hosted by Empress Lonnie of the Imperial Court of Los Angeles and Jay Johnson of Beverly Hills, a long time friend of Liz Loren (and a fabulous cook!).

We thank these sincere young people for all of the hours of selfless help they gave to the Imperial Court of Los Angeles helping with this years Long Beach and Los Angeles Gay Pride Festivals. They are our future Courtiers and we are blessed to have their participation and support.

Czarina’s Diversity Christmas Ball Smash Hit


The Czarina’s second annual diversity Ball was a smash hit this year thanks to the actors, youth dancers, the Harvey Milk support team that included Julie Stern, Justin Knighten of LUCAS public relations, Stuart’s handsome nephew Erik Milk and of course the energizer bunny himself, Stuart Milk.

The QUEEN MOTHER Nicole The Great was almost “senatorial” with her heartfelt message to the audience about the importance of diversity and youth support and her description of the function of the International Court System and what it really meant–followed by a happy birthday message to Mama Jose, who turned 88 two days after the Ball.

The Queen Mother then bestowed The Order of The Double Eagle upon Czar Drue Constantine and Czarina Liz Loren for their long time support and service to The Crown.

Gallery Photos are provided by Alan Gough. Thanks Alan!


It was the post press that was incredible–main line families from Beverly Hills attended the Ball, along with celebrities such as Allen Thicke, his wife and her girlfriend. The Crown Jewel’s Society of Beverly Hills received the Annual First Lady Crystal Award for their support of the Czarina’s message of “everyone having the right to be who and what they are, any time, any place”.

Thanks to journalist Marci Weiner and Palm Springs entertainment entrepreneur Bella da Ball, the Ball received major LA and Palm Springs coverage for weeks after.

Radio talk show hostess Sheena Metal also was responsible for a huge amount of media coverage, not only by interviewing Liz Loren but the headliners in the cast. Sheena also donated over a months free radio commercials for the Ball.

We are also proud to announce the release of our charity Christmas Ball video–the show as you’ve never imagined it through the video artistry of Czar Drue–we’ve made it available to everyone.