Maria Shriver Best Buddies Benefit

Liz LorenNarratives

What are we going to do about Maria? Maria Shriver is an extraordinary woman on many levels. I had first met her when Stuart Milk took me to the Hollywood Hall of Fame awards in Sacramento while she was still First Lady. I was impressed by her stage presence and elegance, while inwardly reeling from … Read More

Loni Anderson Star Crossed

Liz LorenNarratives

Star Crossed! Occasionally I run into a Diva who turns out to be a very nice person.. The top of my list being CHER! My dear friend mega talent Jimmy James invited me to a concert one night at La Boheme in West Hollywood. As I entered the portico of the restaurant club a Rolls … Read More

Respect for Queen Mother Nicole

Czar DrueNarratives

Since our Kingdom’s conception, I’ve taken on several roles—some, I admit, not so willingly as others—but seldom the role of author, I’ve mostly left the writing to Liz. I convinced myself years ago that my opinions really had no place here—not on just our website, I mean the planet. I “came out” very late in … Read More

Dame Edna Everage Farewell

Liz LorenNarratives

“There Is Nothin’ Like a Dame” was a hit song from South Pacific years ago and Barry Humphrey’s, Australian actor and comedian, took it literally for over 40 years strutting the stage and our TV sets as the irascible and irreverent (and I mean that kindly possums) Dame Edna Everage. Never has drag, outside of … Read More