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Berlin Sticks and Stones

Dr. Danne King and Stuart Milk overwhelm 12,000 youth at the Berlin Sticks and Stones conference supporting LGBT Inclusion in business market globally.

20131025_101403Stuarts compelling speech the first day brought tears to many eyes and he pointed out Liz and Danne’s company DMK International as being the new business template of how donations and business can go hand in hand by bringing the message of diversity and equality to people even in hard core places like Russia.

DMK long known in Russia as one of the best skin revision concepts in the world is bravely selling the new, highly expensive but true miracle age management creme TransGenesis that Dr. King formulated just for raising support for the Harvey Milk Foundation.

We say brave because plainly written inside the lid on the box is the story of this endeavour enforcing the message for LGBT people everywhere.

Who knows what top official or his wife will see this message?

At the conclusion of the conference Stuart and Dr. King were given a tour of the German Bundstadt (Parliament) by MP Mechkilde Rawert, herself a huge activist for minority group rights. She invited Stuart to speak at a memorial for a intersex person who had passed on.

The service was held at a Catholic Cathedral in Berlin and was attended by a group of the saddest but most hopeful people we have ever met. It broke our hearts to talk with these persons who were born with both sex organs yet had no choice over the surgery that made them become, as one person told me, “a funny lady”.

This is not transgender–this is people with no choices and now we feel compelled to help them as well!

The German kids who came to the conference were all called UNICORNS because this is a mythical creature who was hunted down and destroyed just because it was different.

Stuart Milk on The Last Word

I have never been more proud of Stuart Milk than when I viewed his appearance on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnel today.

IMAG0071StuartDanneHis gentle but very firm request to a top member of the Olympic Community, a black women whose people themselves have faced discrimination (and should know better), to re-instate the now banned Pride House in the Olympic Village at the up and coming Olympics in Russia was true Statesmen ship.

The woman kept vasselating with platitudes that said the Russia government promised no anti gay laws enforced on the Olympians for the two weeks of the games–but Stuart would not let this go–and even better–had the anchor Lawrence O’Donnel on his side who was actually more confrontational than Stuart!

It’s wonderful to see real LGBT leadership and history being made right before your eyes! I was in tears and jumping up and down!

Passing of Jose Sarria

I felt this huge sense of loss when I heard The Widow Norton passed this morning, the same as thousands around the world–people’s whose lives he has directly and indirectly touched.

I was at an event in Beverly Hills last night given by Maria Shriver for her Best Buddy’s Benefit. There we were chatting away like old girl friends about youth with special needs. she admiring my hair, I admiring her wonderful way of public speaking–just down to earth Ladies!

She dropped her sunglasses in the lift on the way up to the VIP reception and they broke. I was all concerned until she announced in that Kate Hepburn (young Kate) voice of hers” Oh they were only $19 at The Cape–never mind!”

Her gorgeous sons were so courteous getting me coffee and Ice creme as I sat with my team and handsome escort Yale Scott formerly a Wash. DC insider.

I could not help this morning thinking that none of this would have been possible without Jose’!

In another day I would have been frog marched off to jail in handcuffs in my Versace frock, pearls and Gabinni pumps! The people in the lobby at the Montage whispering behind their hands and the staff looking down their noses at “the drag queen faggot” instead of leaping to get my Jaguar, bowing and scrapping!

Jose’ did this–for me and for all of us who like a little glamour on the edge–and who have the right to pursue it any time, any place.

I met Mama years ago at one of the first Long Beach Imperial Court events which I helped to start with Dorothy Big Mouth and Empress One Leslie. I was just a boy then–but I can remember the awe in people’s voices as they pointed Jose’ out saying “that is the FIRST Empress of San Francisco!” She was regal and funny all at the same time. She sang with a mantilla and lace veil, told jokes and made everyone feel somehow special–Royal.

In recent years I got to know Jose’ better–we had a wonderful after noon and evening up at Aerie Hall my hilltop estate–where beleaguered Monarchs sometimes go to get away from it all behind closed gates. His stories were wonderful and amazing.

I would write letters and talk to Mama on the phone. I think the great Court-wide controversy over my title and little Kingdom made Jose’ curious about me–and one night at a Christmas party in Palm Springs we got to know each other well–talked for hours as if no one else was there! The last time I saw Jose was at The Pasadena Playhouse where a reading of a play commemorating his incredible life was presented.

He got out of the car looking hauntingly aristocratic. Cancer had refined his great bone structure to that of Castillian Nobility. He seemed resigned but happy.

The presentation was marvellous–his escapades with the San Francisco police a riot of humor and derring-do! It screamed movie and SHOULD be produced. I actually contacted the talented writer about raising the funds for this project but never heard back, Maybe it will still happen.

Jose’ was before Harvey, Stonewall and my dear and intrepid friend Stuart Milk. He was to the gay community what Mae West was to sex. He made us fun, colorful, creative and gave us the power of camp, tongue in cheek and the message that “all are welcome to this Ball, come on in and be pretty with us and have a grand time!”

Jose Sarria lived his life on his own terms and made a lot of people aware of themselves. Millions have been raised in the Imperial Court System he started so long ago. An era has passed and the likes of what we shall never see again.

We will miss Mama.

Jose Sarria Honored At Pasadena Playhouse

Imperial Court founder and American Icon Jose Sarria was honored at The Pasadena Play House last night (Wednesday, October 24th) by an incredible screen play written by Joe Castel. The play, commemorating Jose’s incredible and almost unbelievable life as probably the ORIGINAL Gay Rights activist from his early youth in San Francisco until now, has everything.

Riddled with well timed one liners,wit and outrageous comedy, the saga is also woven with pathos, tragedy, poignant first love and the fundamental rights for everyone to be who and what they are anywhere. Jose’ soon to be ninety, reprieved that concept in a surprisingly strong compelling speech from the Play House steps after receiving several awards from The Queen Mother, Nicole the Great (Jose’s successor) and the City Of West Hollywood.

“There really IS no ‘Gay Rights’, the Matriarch stated firmly, “We are all just human beings with the right to live our lives as we choose”.

Many ICS Monarchs were in attendance for the elegant cocktail reception and the screen play reading performed by a variety of actors of all ages with great flair and talent.

photo (24)A group of Courts along with our own Czarina, Liz Loren, were heartily thanked for helping to underwrite the event and both Liz and Nicole were of the opinion that although this was a screenplay, it should be presented first as a stage play–which was how the movie MILK was made!

Liz Loren stated she was determined to do anything she could to help raise the capitol to get this project to the public, be it film first or play!

This story MUST be told for this generation and the next! It is too compelling and incredible and marks the beginning of all the freedoms we do have with a roller coaster ride in a singular life that changed so much! Besides, she added, “it is funny and heart rending with something for everyone of any walk of life, When you make people laugh, you get their attention and when you make them cry, you have their heart.