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My First Coronation

My first coronation as Gay Royalty

On October 3rd I experienced my first Coronation with The Cincinnati Imperial Court (ISQCCBE).

Imperial Sovereign Queen City Of The Buckeye Empire. This was held at the Westin Hotel where I was presented as Princess Gypsy Monroe Romanov of Emerald Kingom, Los Angeles Imperial Court / Palm Springs. My title was invested upon me by The Czarina Elizabeth ( Liz) Loren Maria Romanov as a nobless oblige title to represent Emerald Kingdom at The Coronation.
Here I witnessed the step down of Empress Petty Cash after her 8 years as a tireless Coutier representing various charities in Cincinnati during Coronation 24.

This being my very first Coronation I was unsure what to expect despite coaching from Czarina Liz Loren. Nerves had taken over as I smoked cigarette after cigarette at one point, but the surge of excitement helped aid me through!

Everything was so new and exciting to me! But nothing compared to the day of Coronation. At 6 o’clock Queens from different corners and cultures around the USA gathered at the Ball.
As I left my room , black fur in hand, I headed towards the elevators, trying to keep in mind to “walk elegantly” in my flattering designed gown, making sure the train did not tangle in my feet!

When the doors opened and I entered the event, I was overwhelmed — but somehow felt at home,

“like for the first time in my tributes life as a youth I belonged!”

It was an odd yet beautiful contradicting and emotional moment. As I looked around the room at the elegance and poise every Queen seemed to uphold it seemed truly perfect.

Empress Petty Cash introduced herself and made me feel very welcome. She was so gracious and caring that it helped shatter the illusion of any falsehood and allowed me to see the situation for what it really was and why we were gathered here in the first place!

Being part of the ISQCCBE that evening I found myself around like-minded people, artists with a passion to help others and raise money for great charities that have made a huge impact on LGBT communities, myself being a member of one of them. As the evening progressed we had an extravagant dinner, live entertainment and dynamic speakers!

Everything was spot on and very organized, every second I enjoyed it all and absorbed everything I could to be part of something so amazing and beautiful!

This is one memory for the books I thought to myself later after returning to my 12th floor room. The best part is that this is just the beginning! I plan to work hard helping Emerald Kingdom and the Buckeye Court spread the love and hand up–not just hand out,that the LGBT youth need! We want to see kids and young adults rise and shine like Liz Loren and her husband Drue did for me!

Her mentorship and support of me during a very difficult time of my life when all I could see is ” down” and nowhere to turn,meant everything . There truly are some good people out there that have no agenda’s but to share their good fortune and life experiences with others who may have talents and dreams but who feel no spotlight will ever shine on them because they are different!

Emerald Kingdom is that spotlight and I am honored to be part of it!

Lots of love and light!
Princess Gypsy Monroe Romanov AKA Gage Mathews