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Star for Bijou on Palm Springs Walk of Fame

Countess Bijou of the Emerald Kingdom of Palm Springs and Riverside County receives the 396th Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame!
The crowd was large and full of energy as friends of Bijou gathered for her to receive her Star in Front of Georgie’s Azul on June 9th, 2016 at 3:00 PM.  Many well know Palm Springs personalities were there to congratulate Bijou, one of the original members of the Czarina’s Court.  Although Czarina Liz Loren was at a Charity event with Julie Newmar in Hollywood, members of the Czarina’s Court gathered to support our friend and comrade.
In attendance were Imperial Crown Prince Stefan Hemming, Prince Royal John Moran, Arch Duke Keven Romanov Baar, Arch Duchess Pinkie Meringue Shimmer Romanov, Advisor to the Emerald Kingdom, Empress Lonnie of Los Angeles/Hollywood, Count Larry and Countess Jacquelyn Sanchez-Barret of the Imperial Court of Los Angeles showed their royal support for Bijou, who is the oldest performing Drag Queen in the USA.
There were many speakers who rendered their stories of love and affection for Bijou, and her many years of charity raising in California and New York.
The Emerald Kingdom of Palm Springs is extremely proud of Bijou, one of our own hard working court members, and congratulate her on her Star and wish her only continued success.

Queen of the Desert Favorite

Emerald Kingdom Arch Duchess Wins Fan Favorite at Desert Aids Project’s “Queen of the Desert” contest.

I attended the “Queen of the Desert” contest on June 1st, 2016 to support Arch Duchess Pinkie Meringue Shimmer of the Emerald Kingdom of Palm Springs and the Desert Aids Project.

The room was sold out with over 700 local supporters in the audience. Each contestant raised funds individually and also at the event. Judging the contestants on a comedy number, dramatic/high energy number and evening gown competition, were judges Delta Work, Gypsy, Maude Chapeau and Dottie Du Bois.

Emerald Kingdom was very proud of Arch Duchess Pinkie, who won fan favorite as her team raised over $8,000.00 for the event.

As donations poured in and were announced, Arch Duke Kevin Baar of the Emerald Kingdom beamed with pride as his partner Pinkie amazed the audience with her comedy rendition of “Lucy doing the Vitameatavegiman Commercial” and a soul wrenching blues number with a new and exotic headdress designed by Kevin.

Accompany me at Kevin and Pinkies Table were Count Larry and Count Jacquelyn Sanchez Barret of from the Imperial Court of Los Angeles.

The room had an amazing energy as the Community of Palm Springs came together to support the Desert Aids Project annual fundraiser.

Excitement is growing for Emerald Kingdom’s Midsummer Madness Event on July 10th, 2016 from 6-9 PM at the fabulous Copa Nightclub in Palm Springs, benefitting Sanctuary House, the first foster home for LBGTQ Youth in the Coachella Valley.  Please come out and support this event with a star studded line up and a special appearance and performance by Czarina Liz Loren of the Emerald Kingdom of Palm Springs herself.

Empress XII Lonnie – ICLAH
Advisor to the Emerald Kingdom

Imperial Court de San Diego Coronation

Emerald Kingdom advisor Empress XII Lonnie of Los Angeles attends the Imperial Court de San Diego Coronation escorted by Imperial Crown Prince Stefan Hemming.

The adventure began on Saturday February 6th, 2016 as Empress XII Lonnie picked up Emperor Wendy Pinkhouse of New York and Stefan Hemming, ICP to the Emerald Kingdom, to start on their road trip.

Winding through the vineyards of Temecula, they stopped for a magnificent breakfast at Marie Calendar’s and continued their travels arriving in San Diego at the Marriott Mission Valley in time to meet and greet with many friends from all over the country, including Hawaii, New York, Washington DC, and of course courts from Canada and Mexico.

Lonnie took Stefan to hospitality for cocktails and food, then toured the three rooms with jewels and crowns being sold by vendors and Imperial Jeweler’s. Then it was time to prepare for the Coronation Ball as Emperor Mikie Too and Empress Toni Saunders prepared to stop down in all of the splendor of a San Diego Coronation. Lonnie represented Los Angeles and Emerald Kingdom and was escorted by ICP Stefan Hemming down the runway in an elegant entrance representing royalty of England or Sweden as Stephan would say.

Czarina Liz Loren was in constant communication with her representatives making sure accommodations were adequate and proper tickets were in place, and sending messages of love and her greetings to her many friends on the circuit.

After the ball, Wendy, Stefan and Lonnie hit the local In & Out Burger for a midnight meal, then off to bed. Sunday morning it was time for the Brunch and meet and greet of the new monarchs Emperor James von Rothschild and Empress Jaeda Reign. The three friends then loaded back into the chariot and headed north, stopping in Temecula to inspect some antique store and to enjoy some of the most wonderful ice cream they ever tasted.

Finally, it was back to Palm Springs for cocktails at Stefans before parting ways.

It was so great to see all of our friends from near and far. A big thank you to Czar Drue and Czarina Liz Loren for their support of this adventure.

Empress XII Lonnie – ICLAH
Advisor to the Emerald Kingdom of Palm Springs and Riverside County

Lonnie at Night of a Thousand Gowns

Empress Lonnie amazed in New York!

What a wonderful trip to New York’s Night of a Thousand Gowns. I was honored to be able to represent the Emerald Kingdom of Palm Springs and Riverside County, Czar Drue and Czarina Liz Loren, as well as the Imperial Court of Los Angeles/Hollywood at Night of a Thousand Gowns this month. So many celebrities and beautiful gowns and costumes, and a true night to remember. My sister, Queen Mother Nicole was present and looked radiant. Emperor Tony and Empress Twinkle were amazing host, and looked very regal and elegant as they stepped down.

Everybody who was anybody was present. I travelled to New York with Empress Wendy Pinkhouse, who stepped down there last year, and she showed me the ropes of New York, from getting from the Airport to the Hotel, to getting around town. Although it was raining when I arrived at 5:00 AM on Friday, the rain quickly subsided and it was off to the Hotel to rest for the first nights adventure, the Out of Town Show.

The town was bright and full of lights, and Time’s Square was amazing. The food, the smells and the great hospitality of the New York Court was evident in every event. The Hospitality Suite was amazing, with live piano music and singer, and food, food, food…

Including a platter about a foot tall loaded with of all things BACON. (Liz would have fainted…LOL)

What fun we had, and I want to take a moment to thank Czarina Liz Loren for sending me in her place as she travelled to Russia for business this year and was unable to attend.

I recommend this ball to anyone who has or has not attended.

New York knows how to produce a major event and make it fun, fast moving and interesting. So many great people there, and it was good to see so many old friends and make some new ones.

Life is short, and every experience like this makes it just that more amazing!

Empress XII Lonnie
Adviser to the Emerald Kingdom of Palm Springs and Riverside County
Co-President of the Board of Directors of the ICLAH
Sister for Life to Empress Nicole the Great