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Dressing for Brunch

For quite awhile I have been dressing in suitable (but fashionably chic) for Victory Brunches. For 2 reasons: I loathe to let anyone view my “after Coronation” androgyny. The “Liz Loren” transformation is a theatrical performance from start to finish–and when it is finished, my boy self personae re-establishes itself in Toto–Liz goes back to Never Never Land where movie stars never age and are always Ladies.

However, I do not exactly LOOK like the boy me without facial hair and strong Clark Gable eyebrows. Not that facial hair is hiding some chinless deformity or horrible scar–I just don’t look like me–and feel uncomfortable. Plus, like Dame Edna and her counterpart Barry Humphrey’s, I have a totally separate life than Liz.
The second, and I believe the most important reason is: I dress for brunch out of respect for the New Empress who has to sit there all afternoon in full regalia while everyone else lounges in casual wear and no wigs or crowns!

I felt this was a nice gesture…until the ‘Night Of A Thousand Gowns’ Victory Brunch

I swept in on the arm of Tzar Drue a little more than fashionably late and was the only one in face (and a smart black silk Fedor suit with ropes of pearls and a Paris hat) I was lead to a front table thru a crowd that gawked–but I could swear the New Empress Farrah mouthed “thank you ” to me.

Later, after a quick photo shoot in Times Square where a crowd of tourist kept murmuring “who IS she?” I relaxed and got ready to go home–my own androgynous features unafraid of nameless people on planes. MUCH later I was informed by a wise and long time member of The Court System that…

“One does not dress and wear face at Victory Brunches–one does not try to out do the new Empress.”

She went onto say “everyone was talking about your entrance Liz” without a description of whether or not the talk was positive or negative. I was chagrined and chastised.

Of course, I am older than most new Empresses so “out-doing” her youth and beauty was not on my agenda–but still–I am learning a lot of Court Rules that date back many decades. I meant well.

It was only a day later that I received an email from the New York Empress telling me how beautiful I was and thanked me for getting up early in the AM to dress and make up for her Victory Brunch after such a long and arduous Coronation the night before! Apparently she had not heard the old rules! There seems to be a lot of new, young Monarchs that appreciate “intent” and gestures of respect that signify modern Monarchies–such as the Crown Prince of England and his friendly, out going and appreciation of his subjects adoration. No musty regimes for this young Prince!

So I will continue my gesture of respect–although I will check with the new Empress first and see what she is wearing and of course dress down from there! The first time I met the Queen Mum Nicole was at a Victory Brunch and she assumed I was a gender change full stop! After the shock wore off, I laughed and told her also that it was a total performance! Now I realize, due to the old rule, why she thought this!

New York, New Ideas

The Night of a Thousand Gowns on March 27th was a real eye opener on how an Imperial Court should be run. The solidarity of past and present Emperors and Empresses is close knit and powerful. The very “staging” of the event make a perfect venue for Broadway and other NYC celebrities to donate their talents and the glamour of their presence.

The heads of their many charities, like Judy Shepherd, are treated like Royalty and recognized openly–something I have always thought all Courts should do–let the donors SEE where their dollars are going!

I am learning to be a politician also–for within that structure many things can be accomplished and many people helped.

I look down this road set before me feeling like a child setting out for OZ–nervous and humbled by titles conferred upon me by The Queen Mum, Coco LaShine (the President of the ICS), and The Court of Los Angeles/West Hollywood charter.

There is room for change and reaching out to the larger gay and gay friendly communities, and…

We aim to try to evoke those changes in an area that has never had a Court before and possess many untapped resources!

Liz Loren Graces New York Times

Liz _New YorkTimes 20100404Elizabeth (Liz) Loren Maria Romanov, Czarina of The House of Romanov, The Emerald Kingdom Palm Springs, Imperial County graces the Easter Sunday April 4, 2010 New York Times edition, commemorating her first appearance at the Night of a Thousand Gowns 2010.


“I was flabbergasted to have my photo selected out of so many thousands of gorgeous people and celebrities” commented Liz, “It must have been FEDORS period style gown!”

FEDOR, a well known Beverly Hills designer from Kiev, Ukraine designs all of Liz’s wardrobe, for this gown over 57 yards of Italian Taffeta was used, re-embroidered lace and hundreds of hand sewn Swarovski Crystals.

“Like Valentino, used to do!”

Hi-Desert LGBT Newsletter Promo

Emerald Kingdom is promoted on page 4 of the April/May 2010 issues of the Hi-Desert LGBT News newsletter for the Palm Springs area covering the Hi Desert’s Queerest News & Topics, Advocating for Equality, Increasing Queer Visibility.

Hi Desert LGBT NEWS April May 2010 Newsletter


24th Annual Night of a Thousand Gowns Tribute

Monday this week, Her Majesty, Czarina “Liz” Loren and Royal escort Czar Drue, returned from attending New York’s “Night of a Thousand Gowns” with an award in one hand, new video and pictures in the other, and in high spirits from the overwhelming show of support and fellowship.

Just as everyone kept telling me, “it was an extraordinary grand and immaculate event”. We had a marvellous time. I was even more impressed by the dedication and warm hospitality I received from everyone involved in putting it on. What a talented team and family they truly are–and it shows too. They’re the glitter that makes all our Courts sparkle!

Her Majesty and Her Royal Romanov Court extends their gratitude to the New York Imperial Court for welcoming us with open arms. All our best with your continued and well deserved success!

Czarina “Liz” Loren’s music video style tribute to New York Imperial Court‘s “Night of a Thousand Gowns”, including the dubbing of Judy Shepard with the Matthew Shepard Foundation. (Truth be told, made with the only salvageable footage we had. You don’t really think we like escalators and mirrors this much?)


Skin Care Facing the Drag Queen

Let’s face it…

Drag Queen, Transgender, Transvestite or Femme Impressionist—no matter what you call yourselves darling—you all do face to one degree or another.

And FACE is an illusion, an additional persona, a chance to be someone else for awhile. If you are in face in the privacy of your own home for some personal reason—the illusion is just for you and/or your partner (if this is a fantasy deal). But if you are appearing in public as part of an event to raise money, such as the Imperial Courts on this Continent do, or performing in clubs to make a living, you owe it to the people who see you to look the very best you can.

Who was the poet that said “there is no such thing as an ugly woman?” He could have added…

“there is no such thing as an ugly man who looks like an ugly woman”

I, in fact, have seen some very not-so-good-looking men transform into very attractive women! And some very handsome men look like dreadful women, the former paying attention to the myriad of details it takes to pull off a glamorous creation and the latter thinking they could depend upon their looks entirely.

The art of illusion is an art and we have all seen some very tacky queens who think they can just slap make up over coarse and dehydrated skin (paying no attention to colour tones, eyebrow shapes or lip enhancement) cram a badly styled wig on their head, paying no attention to the fact that balancing a hairdo correctly can actually ENHANCE a huge nose or a butch profile and jumping into a tight gown without thinking that women have hips the width of their shoulders normally and not just a lumbering, hip less figure with huge boobs that are pointed like a pair of too-high Dixie cups!

If any of you Ladies fall into the above categories, Liz Loren will help you become the vision you envision. After all darlings, I did not create Liz until later in life, my first appearance being in Italy at a Venetian Ball in front of 3000 people! (Talk about real fear!)

But it started a brilliant career that got better and better because I REHEARSED, RESEARCHED, PRACTISED and looked at every photo taken, every video, with a keen (and often agonized) eagle eye-vowing to do better the next time. I felt I owed it to the public I was inflicting these persona’s on and to the great film stars I was giving tribute to (two of whom are still living).

The first thing I paid attention…

The canvass must be prepared before the paint goes on!

In other words, I pay attention to my skin. Skin that is dull, wrinkled with a burden of cuticle build-up (dead cells) and sagging with loss of collagen fibers CANNOT be hid under layers of make-up.

Skin that is dull, wrinkled with a burden of cuticle build-up (dead cells) and sagging with loss of collagen fibers CANNOT be hid under layers of make-up. Always before I let Liz out of the box, I treat myself to a professional Enzymatic Lift and as a home skin care alternative.