Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast Palm Springs

I am so very honored to be the first global ambassador for The Harvey Milk Foundation!

As I gazed out over the packed ballroom at the Palm Springs Hilton I said,

Harvey would have been so proud of this!

Every aspect of the LGBT community was represented at the annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast Palm Springs.

This morning crowd included seniors, teens. parents of teens and everyone in between. Most compelling was Yucca Valley High School transgender teen Aiden Stockman. This youth has a real talent for public speaking and his struggle and final triumph over being who and what he is will inspire transgender kids everywhere and evoke more understanding from parents as well.

Joining me at the Emerald Kingdom table was my dear sister Empress Lonnie, the ever elegant Stefan Hemming and a diverse group of new people we welcomed to the table for this sold out event!

There are a growing number of Harvey Milk Breakfasts all over the Nation, but the Palm Springs late Spring event has a small town camaraderie along with a glamorous resort ambience one does not find anywhere else! A big congrats to The Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast Coalition lead partnering with Palm Springs Pride, Equality California, Deserts AIDS Project and Gray Public Relations.

Visits - Today: 1 - Since Launch: 180