Maria Shriver Best Buddies Benefit

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What are we going to do about Maria? Maria Shriver is an extraordinary woman on many levels. I had first met her when Stuart Milk took me to the Hollywood Hall of Fame awards in Sacramento while she was still First Lady. I was impressed by her stage presence and elegance, while inwardly reeling from … Read More

Loni Anderson Star Crossed

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Star Crossed! Occasionally I run into a Diva who turns out to be a very nice person.. The top of my list being CHER! My dear friend mega talent Jimmy James invited me to a concert one night at La Boheme in West Hollywood. As I entered the portico of the restaurant club a Rolls … Read More

Kissing Air with Drag Queens

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Kissing Air with Drag Queens Kissing air has been going on for centuries! In some countries it is practised by men in social occasions. In Italy a greeting and a goodbye is accompanied by loud smacks on either cheek! However, between women and other women, a light pretend kiss usually one side of the face … Read More

Maybelline Prince Website Launch

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We’re excited to announce the launch of another Czar Drue creation, The Maybelline Prince website. By special request, author signed hardback and paperback books are available, plus DMK has donated the cost of all shipping for these special editions. Downloadable digital versions are also available from major publishing distributors, see the new Maybelline Prince website … Read More

Bearded Drag Queen?

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Where does a Bearded Drag Queen belong? Today I became embroiled in a controversy regarding bearded drag queens and the trend thereof! There were photos showing lovely guys with Miss Fame make up, the airbrush eyebrows and 1960’s Bridget Bardot lips and beards. Fun? Yes, my alter ego did this a couple of times, once … Read More