Kissing Air with Drag Queens

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Kissing Air with Drag Queens Kissing air has been going on for centuries! In some countries it is practised by men in social occasions. In Italy a greeting and a goodbye is accompanied by loud smacks on either cheek! However, between women and other women, a light pretend kiss usually one side of the face … Read More

Maybelline Prince Website Launch

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We’re excited to announce the launch of another Czar Drue creation, The Maybelline Prince website. By special request, author signed hardback and paperback books are available, plus DMK has donated the cost of all shipping for these special editions. Downloadable digital versions are also available from major publishing distributors, see the new Maybelline Prince website … Read More

Bearded Drag Queen?

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Where does a Bearded Drag Queen belong? Today I became embroiled in a controversy regarding bearded drag queens and the trend thereof! There were photos showing lovely guys with Miss Fame make up, the airbrush eyebrows and 1960’s Bridget Bardot lips and beards. Fun? Yes, my alter ego did this a couple of times, once … Read More

New Website Launch

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Our Passion Purple Website Launch! Hello new comers, fellow courtiers and supporters. Welcome to our new website designed by Czar Drue. A new website launch, redesigned with new marketing media and mostly lots of passion! With our fresh new look–one of many in a rainbow coming–we hope you’ll visit regularly for engaging visual experiences, informative … Read More

Respect for Queen Mother Nicole

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Since our Kingdom’s conception, I’ve taken on several roles—some, I admit, not so willingly as others—but seldom the role of author, I’ve mostly left the writing to Liz. I convinced myself years ago that my opinions really had no place here—not on just our website, I mean the planet. I “came out” very late in … Read More

Zazzle Store “Dream Shop” Officially Opens

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It’s understandable wanting to help and unsure how you can directly make that difference, and now you CAN. Emerald Kingdom’s new donation Zazzle store, Dream Shop, opens with the mailing of its first postcard to Queen Mother Nicole the Great of the Imperial Court System. Teaming up with the Zazzle’s company of designers and manufacturers, … Read More