Maria Shriver Best Buddies Benefit

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What are we going to do about Maria? Maria Shriver is an extraordinary woman on many levels. I had first met her when Stuart Milk took me to the Hollywood Hall of Fame awards in Sacramento while she was still First Lady. I was impressed by her stage presence and elegance, while inwardly reeling from … Read More

Loni Anderson Star Crossed

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Star Crossed! Occasionally I run into a Diva who turns out to be a very nice person.. The top of my list being CHER! My dear friend mega talent Jimmy James invited me to a concert one night at La Boheme in West Hollywood. As I entered the portico of the restaurant club a Rolls … Read More

Kissing Air with Drag Queens

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Kissing Air with Drag Queens Kissing air has been going on for centuries! In some countries it is practised by men in social occasions. In Italy a greeting and a goodbye is accompanied by loud smacks on either cheek! However, between women and other women, a light pretend kiss usually one side of the face … Read More